Tuesday, May 26

a change of plans

The wedding garter was not to be...
I did decide on a pattern, and made excellent progress... and then I found out that one of the brides-to-be already had a special garter given to her by her grandma. I also realized that I didn't actually have enough time to finish the garter in time for either wedding. So I abandoned the plan. Hopefully I'll still finish it at some point and give it to another bride.

I haven't been blogging or knitting much at all--I was in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. I flew to New Jersey on Friday, barely. My 2pm flight was delayed 3 hours, and right after we took off, we had to turn around and go back b/c the plane was leaking fuel. That flight was canceled, and my re-booked flight was delayed until 10pm. But I made it. Though if I had just driven to NJ instead of driving to the airport, I would have arrived 1/2 hour before my plane did. That's life, I guess. I'm in NYC for the rest of the week, until I head to Connecticut for a wedding next weekend. I think I'll make a field trip to a couple of NYC yarn stores and museums... and hopefully find some inspiration for a new knitting project!

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  1. Good luck with the NYC shop hunt...I've been a couple times but never succeeded in finding yarn. I know it's there, but I can't remember to plan ahead. Can't wait to hear about it!