Saturday, July 4

should knitting be as important as eating?

I've been thinking about what I wrote yesterday, mostly because I'm bothered by what I said about going through "phases." I say I have "cooking phases," but I never go a day without food. I want to make knitting like that, that I don't go a day without it. I suppose there are enough knitted items and balls of yarn lying around my room and living area that it would be impossible for me to go through a day without at least thinking about knitting, but I think I could do a lot better in terms of daily knitting. And daily exercise. And picking my laundry up off my floor daily. The path to self-improvement is slow, and kind of blocked by my laziness (haha).

Speaking of laziness, I'm having a calm holiday weekend, taking care of my Grandmother, knitting, and yardening. I had plenty of fun last weekend, during our family camping trip (my dad has 9 siblings, which means I have 26 cousins on that side, and all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends go up to South Higgins Lake State Park for a week of family togetherness and shenanigans). Speaking of my dad's family, they are where I learned to say "warshrag" instead of "washcloth" or "dishcloth." There are a lot of things I love about the rural lexicon I absorbed growing up, especially "warshrag."

And that provides me with another segue: my use of "warshrag" cotton continues. Now I'm knitting a swiffer cover. Swiffer sheets are great, but I'm out of them and they're kind of expensive (not to mention that they go into a landfill). I saw the Swifty pattern in the Mason-Dixon book, but I was thinking that the buttons were a bit unnecessary. I picked up a freebie pattern at Michael's for a Knit Duster Cover, and as I was thinking of how to combine what I liked about both patterns, I stumbled upon a pattern created by Noelle (free pattern link). I really love the ballband dishcloth pattern:Happy Birthday, America!

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