Friday, March 27

Regia Silk Color Sock

I knew that this project would have to be ripped and started over out shortly after I started it in November, but denial is an ocean (not just a river in Egypt). I'm ready to deal with it now.

It's the beginning of a basic sock, 68 sts, 2mm needles, Regia Silk Color yarn in color 0190: Tanzania. Why didn't this sock work? I'll examine the reasons:

This yarn isn't very happy being knit on size 0 needles (and at less than 8 sts per inch). I might go up a size, to make my fabric feel better. It looks fantastic as is, though... I'm still debating... Lucy Neatby says to go as small as possible, and I'd like to try her way at least once.

I originally intended to gift these socks... but after seeing how lovely they will be, I know that I'll have to keep them. And that means I'll have to cast on enough stitches to make them Annie-sized (9 1/2).

In the end, if the sock is this tight on my wrist... doesn't fit over my ankle, and cuts off circulation to my foot. (Thank goodness I didn't take any photos of that!)

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a project is to rip it and start anew. As Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day."

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