Monday, March 30

another gauge error... ooopsa

I was frustrated with all of my wips, and I decided to start a simple baby sock for Teresa's first birthday. I got the Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy leftovers from a pair of socks my mom made, and decided I'd try the decorative scallop edge from a pair of socks designed by Lucy Neatby (photo on the far right). I casted on at Kniterary Club this afternoon, and everything was going great. I made excellent progress this afternoon, got to the toe... and realized that it was really too small and tight. I checked my needle size, and realized it was a size 0 (2mm) instead of a 1 1/2 (2.5mm). big problem. or small problem. ugh. I hate it when I make such stupid mistakes.

Needless to say, I ripped and started over. Gauge is my nemesis. Moral of the story: ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THE SIZE OF YOUR NEEDLE.

This doesn't phase me at all, however, because the SPARTANS ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR!!!

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