Saturday, April 25

Baby's first Birthday Socks


I had forgotten what it feels like to finish a knitting project. It's wonderful, isn't it? I had a hard deadline of Wednesday night to finish these socks, as Teresa's birthday is today (Saturday), and I had to mail them by Thursday. I didn't have much to knit... at Kniterary Club on Sunday, all I had left was one toe and two heels.

I finished the knitting, buried the ends, and washed them.
I "blocked" (I laid the damp socks on a towel, I didn't pin them) the socks to the following dimensions: 5 1/2 in foot, 4 3/4 in circumference.

As they dried, I reflected on what I would change:

1) I'm not 100% happy with the way the afterthought heel looks. It is a cinch to knit, though. My mother said she read somewhere that in order for the afterthought heel to be big enough, you have to do it over more than half of the stitches. I'll have to look into that. But I think that I would rather look into a short row heel, maybe the one Caitlin suggested.

2) I would get the measurements of the baby's foot before I started. That would have saved me a LOT of grief over sizing.

3) After I got the measurement, I would have stuck to 5 inches in length. I didn't know how many inches the toe and heel would add (answer: one inch each). I knit three inches between the waste yarn for the heel and the first decrease round of the toe. The main factor here was that I started the toe when the yarn went to purple.

What I would repeat:

1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scallop edge at the top of the sock, which came from Lucy Neatby. It made all the difference.

2) It used up leftover sock yarn!

3) They're pink and girly and ruffled. YAY.

I hope to visit Teresa soon and get a picture of the socks on her feet. She'll probably need some time to grow into them. Oh, well. Live and learn.

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