Friday, May 1

Bizoo Bizu, Louisa Harding's new baby book!

Louisa Harding's new baby book, Bizoo Bizu, is finally available, and I'm in love. It's full of the adorable pink frilly girl things I love so much. It has some nice boy things, too, like the hat and sweater on the cover. I've been waiting for this book to arrive since March, when I saw the sample blanket (pictured with the book at left) at the Old Village Yarn Shop. But I'm always a fan of Louisa Harding's patterns... her extra details, like picot edging and eyelet rows, speak to me.

Anyway, this book arrived at the yarn shop on Thursday, and my mother (she's the best) brought me a copy right away. I dug around in my stash and found my light pink skein of Kashmir Baby, and cast on the Tickle hat (it's the only project in the book other than bootees that can be knit from one skein, and I'm kind of burned out on baby footwear). I'm through the picot cast-on, the eyelet rib, and an eyelet row. Just a few of my favorite things. The next project I want to try is a jumper with a row of hearts up the front, Blossom, and I hope to start it when I finish the hat, and when I can decide on which color of Kashmir Baby to use. I'm torn between pink and red and a hot pink. Decisions, decisions.

I'm glad that Bizoo Bizu came along and gave me the knitting boost I needed. Lately, I've been much more interested in gardening (my flowers outside are growing! YAY!) and reading than knitting. I am not a person who has to knit every day, and it's not unusual for me to take days or weeks off of knitting, which cuts down on my productivity. Speaking of reading, I think it's about time I talked about a book, as the word "kniterarian" is a reference to literature. Currently, I'm reading The First Circle by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I first read the book for a college class, but I'm trying to go back and re-read all of the books I read for classes, because the pressure and time constraints of the academic calendar didn't allow me to enjoy them fully. Most people have heard of Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, which covers a day in the gulag. The First Circle is kind of like an expanded version of Ivan, covering more than one day and getting into a variety of characters. There is even a chapter describing a prisoner darning his socks (hooray for knitting references!). This short intro to the book sets it up better than I do. I'll say more about the book when I'm in the mood to be literary. But right now I have to get back to knitting the tickle hat. An eyelet row is up next, YAY!

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