Thursday, March 26

Knitting through late-night commercials

Every knitter has done it at one time or another: stayed up late knitting, reading knitting books, doing research on ravelry, petting yarn, blogging, etc.

Last night, I was up to such mischief, and I had the television on in the background (to GAC b/c I was in the mood for music videos) . And I caught the commercial for the "Shoe Skirt" and the "Hanging Hand Bag Organizer." What a genius invention! I didn't buy, but I was tempted.

Catching funny commercials while knitting at 2am: reason #23 I love knitting.

What's your favorite late night commercial? Did you (or anyone you know) get the "Snuggie" this winter?

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, I know somebody who owns a Snuggie...those are terrible, terrible things.